Seven Secrets of the Universe

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The 7 Secrets of the Universe describes a spiritual quest challenging four International School students to decipher reality from illusion against a backdrop of global disintegration and renewal

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It all started with two girls, aged 7 and 10, in flannel nightgowns, jumping on the beds in a small hotel in downtown Beijing. Between bounces, their mother asked, ‘Hey, instead of reading Harry Potter tonight, why don’t we write our own book?’ Eleven years and two high school graduations later, Judy Johnson and her daughters Rachel and Lucy Morgan are launching their first book, The Seven Secrets of the Universe.

Fifteen-year-old Raj, Mei Ling, Solomon and Emily are an unlikely quartet, thrown together in a race against time. Can they discover the secrets of the universe and ensure humans are part of the world’s regeneration?

“There are many dystopian books out there that focus on the heroism required for external survival,” says Johnson. “We wanted to write a book that focused on the inner action required to change consciousness and regenerate the Earth using new ways of thinking and being. And we wanted to reassure young people about the state of the world and the future.”

About the author Judy Johnson

Judy is known for her ability to see strengths in organizations and individuals and enhance their ability to create and sustain focused, purposeful and positive directions. She has worked in the field of leadership development and organizational effectiveness with government, private and community-based organizations for 30 years. She brings clarity, insight and creative processes to engage group members in meaningful, enjoyable learning. Her love for meditation, general teenager-ness and relationship with her two daughters inspired her to write the below book.

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7 reviews for Seven Secrets of the Universe

  1. Nik Haddadi

    A beautiful story of four vulnerable teenagers who unknowingly embark on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, surfacing eternal truths whilst revealing and circumventing centuries worth of perpetuated falsehoods. The characters are all very charming in their own way, and due to each of their unique characteristics they all establish fascinating and recognizably distinct relationships with one another. The organic and gradual growth of these relationships is the heart of this book, this is what makes the book so alluring and mesmerising.

    This book gracefully captures “the idea that endings are illusions and simply doorways to new beginnings”. A message I’ve heard before but never quite understood. This book describes it in a palatable and comprehensible way which allowed me to truly understand the depths of this message.
    A message that filled my heart with hope.

  2. Aaron Kurbanali

    As soon as I opened the book and read the prologue I was hooked on this book. Right from the beginning till the end I was engrossed and fully engaged in the story and couldn’t wait to read the next chapter! The story is one like never before, full of mystery and spiritual insights! What kept me interested was that I could not predict what was going to happen in the end like you can do with most stories and the ending blew me away! A definite must read that will change how you perceive life!

  3. Gopi Patel

    An amazing book! Woven through the lives of 4 teenagers, it reveals the spiritual and human paradigms of life in two parallel streams, like a confluence of two energies. It has depth and takes us lightly with entertainment, through the roller coaster of feelings, emotions that occur on a journey to regain our origins and rediscover truth in relationships. Gopi UK

  4. E. McQuinn

    Written for young adults but I loved it too. Engaging right from the start… the characters were so real and wonderfully presented. And the secrets will stay with me well into the future. An enjoyable and worthwhile read for all ages. Thanks for creating this gift.

  5. Janis Brown

    Written for a young adult audience (and I am far from that), this book engaged me from the start. The characters were believable and quite distinct from each other. They live in a world very similar to our own with a lot of socio-political unrest and increasing natural disasters. These four teenagers are given an assignment that turns out to be the pursuit of a spiritual and meditative path that supports them through the difficult situations they encounter. Parents and youth regardless of their faith or lack of it, will find this book thought provoking, opening the door for seeking more information on meditation and spiritual practice.

  6. Aida Garay

    Even though I do not read fiction, this book is a fascinating story. I could not put the book down. The story took me into its pages.
    I recommend this book for all to read, easy to read, captivating and intriguing.

  7. Maria Pagkalou

    This book was a rare opportunity to:
    a) Redifine the spiritual laws,
    b) Clean the illusionary webs from the heart,
    c) Acknowledge the inner powers,
    d) Connect with the Divine in a playful way!

    By blending old mysteries with contemporary realities, it leaves the reader heartful and mindful, but also determined to participate in the manifestation of a new magical world. Thank you!

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