Angel with a Balance – CARD


Angel with a Balance – CARD

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This is the card for sending peaceful wishes to people under stress. Verse on back of card.

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Dimension : 115 x 159 mm

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The form of an angel is balance. It provides what is needed to bring things back to a quiet level. When life is breaking up, an angel’s form becomes creative and when people are creating, it destroys the obstacles that are in their way. (Anthea Church)

About the Author

Michelle Phelips : was born in Toronto, where she was trained as a graphic designer at Humber College School of Design. For many years, Michelle worked in advertising before returning to the Ontario College of Art in 1989 to study Fine Art. She works in mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, printmaking and sculpture, often using objects found in nature. Her art explores feelings, values and personal truth as a way of connecting from the head to the heart. Among Michelle’s accomplishments is the creation of colourful and uplifting banners for the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organisation, Van City Place for Youth and Green Grass Productions, a fundraiser for street kids. Her illustrations and paintings can be found on books, and CD covers and in magazines. Her exclusive line of angel cards are sold in Toronto, New York and Europe. Michelle’s one-artist show, I was a Bird in a cage and you gave me the sky at the Idee Gallery was celebrated in Toronto. She has also taught meditation and exercises in creativity to women at the North York Women’s Shelter and facilitates workshops for artists’ block. She has taught painting and drawing classes to children, youth and seniors through the Board of Education, and facilitated lantern-making and other creative workshops for community projects and schools in Vancouver. More then ever, Michelle is inspired by the creative process and wishes to share her art and the process for healing with others. ‘Finding the freedom to express, through painting, playing music, singing, dancing, or writing,’ she says, ‘will unlock the joy, magic and wonder of the soul.

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