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Inner Space Meditation Music


Inner Space, music that captures that fine art of reflecting within.

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Inner Space, music that captures that fine art of reflecting within. With sounds from the Himalayan tanpura to the magical bansuri (flutes) of Vrindavan, this ensemble of exotic divine meditation music frees the mind to explore realms within, rarely visited. A fifth creation by Sham Mohan and Girish Wadhwani, the melodic strings from the santoor envelopes the mind with vibrations from a far away light.

“Above the below” for example features spiritual chants and humming above the material consciousness but below the gaze of the ever merciful; “Not knotted” is an experience the human dust craves in times of need and this creation allows us to develop that power within-silently; “Mirror of Thy heart” empowers the soul to clean the self whilst seeing the divine in the mirror of the Supreme’s heart with an Om Shanti chant.

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