Letting Go of Fear – MP3


Guided meditations to help you mange and overcome your worst fears.

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It’s when we embrace our fears that we can let them go. These three meditations will help you walk right up to your fear and look it in the eyes. They will support you as you learn about your fear and wrap you in peace as you fill yourself with pure powerful thoughts that simply replace fearful ones. Take the journey and free yourself.

About the artist Lucinda Drayton

Has been touring and singing throughout Europe and the United States since joining her first band at the age of 15. She has a special gift for touching people’s hearts through music. Lucinda has been part of the music business mill for a lot of years but, since finding her spiritual path six years ago, both her life and music have changed. Singer-song writer and co-writer of a No 1 hit in 1994 called The Real Thing, Lucinda also provides meditation experience programmes in prisons, performs fun, interactive values shows in schools and runs workshops on creativity and spirituality.

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