Food & Soul Veg Cookbook

Food & Soul Veg Cookbook


A vegetarian cookbook that shows how the consciousness of the cook directly affects the bodies, minds and emotions of those who eat the food.

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A vegetarian diet is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for ethical, ecological and health reasons. This book features easy and tasty vegetarian recipes, together with rich colour photographs and simple instructions for a variety of delights, including appetizers, soups, main dishes, sauces, desserts, cakes, breads, pastries, drinks and jams.

About the author Nayna Dattani

Nayna has been a member of the Brahma Kumaris for over 20 years. She carries out the challenging role of organising travel for thousands of the University’s students and guests with lightness and humour. She has a warm and bubbly personality and is an inspiring teacher. In addition to her responsibilities for training spiritual teachers, she is a brilliant cook – co-writer of the almost epic vegetarian cookery book, Food and Soul.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Liz Hodgkinson, Author of Peace and Purity – The Story of the Brahma Kumaris: A Spiritual Revolution
    Lavishly illustrated, totally up to date and with clear, simple instructions, this is the ultimate vegetarian cookbook for both the beginner and the serious cook. Much medical and scientific research has shown that the food we eat can affect body, mind and spirit for good or ill. The delectable dishes contained in this book are designed to contribute towards a positive, clear and calm frame of mind and outlook. The Brahma Kumaris regard food preparation as a sacred task, where preparing food in a positive and peaceful frame of mind is just as important as using only totally fresh, pure ingredients. Because they don’t use onions, garlic or eggs – ingredients most cooks consider absolutely essential for creating appetizing veggie dishes – they have had to be extra inventive, and it shows. I have sampled many of the dishes myself and can honestly say that not only do you not miss the ‘forbidden’ ingredients, but the dishes actually taste better without them. They have studied every culinary tradition and come up with dishes to satisfy the most sophisticated and exacting taste buds, such as Aubergine Casserole and Pasta with Ricotta Cheese. But there are also plenty of homemade convenience foods and comfort dishes such as burgers, pizzas and baked beans. For more advanced cooks, or those who enjoy a kitchen challenge, there are party cakes, sweets, chocolate cookies and cheesecakes – amazingly all without eggs!

  2. Nicole

    I found this book to be a piece of Art. Very inspiring to try out some of the vegetarian recipes and to learn more about the influence of our diet on mind and body. It also made me aware of the effect my chosen diet has on nature and the world in general. I will definitely think twice before buying my cooking ingredients now!

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