The Quest for Well-being – Using Your 8 Powers

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A mighty book on the powers inherent in each one of us, explored and explained in a deep, yet easy to understand manner.

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THE QUEST FOR WELL-BEING is a mighty book on the powers inherent in each one of us. The author, Anthony Strano addresses 8 powers, explores and explains them in a deep, yet easy to understand manner. Each power is taken up as ‘Meaning of the power’, ‘An aim to set for the self’, ‘Contemplation’, ‘Guidelines’, ‘Getting it right’ and some tips on its practical application.

About the author Anthony Strano

Anthony was the director of activities for the Brahma Kumaris in Greece and Turkey. Born in Australia in 1951, he graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with a BA and a Diploma of Education. A spiritual seeker all his life, Anthony became a student of the Brahma Kumaris in 1977. Having passed away in 2014, he was one of the Spiritual University’s most dedicated and experienced teachers. He travelled widely, shared the knowledge he had gathered and run seminars and workshops throughout Europe, Australia and parts of South America and Africa on positive thinking and stress-free living, education and values as well as science and spirituality – in fact, on all areas of human development.

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3 reviews for The Quest for Well-being – Using Your 8 Powers

  1. Nicole

    A truly empowering book, through providing understanding of power and the necessity of exploration and application to live a life of well-being. Can definitely recommend this for anyone interested in power.

  2. Jasween

    What an inspiring book! For me this book was the start to developing my inner powers as the attitude of Anthony Strano is so positive. What came across is that he holds the attitude that everyone has the capacity to transform and no-one stays the same forever. So this book gave me strength and guidance.

    It helped me to understand what the eight powers are in greater depth and how to use them on a practical level. The book includes a meditation commentary for each power. It also has helpful guidelines and hints and tips.

    The spiritual knowledge given has a lot of depth to it so you can read this simple book many times and still learn something new every time. It is packed with knowledge.

    The illustrations add an amusing tone to the book.

    Here is an extract from my favourite chapter on the power to tolerate:

    -I accept that we are all actors on the world stage.
    -Each of us has a unique and valuable expression that contributes to the wonderful variety of people and cultures on the earth.
    -I am only able to interact happily with others when I accept their scripts too.
    Genuine tolerance expresses itself in equality, generosity and inclusiveness – this is the natural condition of life.”

  3. Geraldine

    This book i used as a 8 day meditation to help me understand the power of how to think. This book is ideal to read more than once until you have mastered it.

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