Everyone wants freedom. Would you say it was fair to say that?

There are many varieties of freedom. There are plenty of opinions as to exactly what freedom entails.

Freedom of speech.

Freedom of expression.

Freedom of belief, or thinking.

Freedom to be, or, not to be…

Freedom has a high price these days, and freedom is becoming ever more elusive each day as the world becomes more and more chaotic!

So, what exactly is freedom?

Is ‘freedom’, to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it?

Is it to be free to do nothing? Or is it to be free to do everything?

Well, actually, I was a big fan of doing nothing in my younger days, thinking that  it was my free choice to do so. But, it was often at the expense of the freedom of others, and in hindsight, my own freedom as well! If I do whatever I like, whenever I like, how will that affect everyone else?

Who will pay the price for my freedom?

At a certain point in my life, and much to my horror, I realised that there can only be true freedom when there is a system or structure to express it within. Seems a bit strange I know, and a bit of a paradox at first glance, but it is in fact true. For, it is only when a system is in place, that there can be an equal expression of freedom by everyone.

Freedom to be safe or secure can only exist if all are observing the rules or code of conduct, as subtle as they may be, in a natural and harmonic way. In fact, when this is practised by the masses, it will feel as if there are no rules, and that natural law takes over in order to uphold the good of the many, or indeed the good of all. This would be a golden age of awareness.

This state of awareness, or we could say consciousness, is the blueprint for global peace. A peace that is long lasting, and unconditional, universal and inclusive. Truly, this awareness is our natural state of being. It is just that we have forgotten it.

It is the very foundation of our original reality, the basic building blocks of the self, the fabric of our identity and the life force of the Soul. The Soul is the truth that we are. We are Soul primarily and eternally, and, secondly, we have a body, and that body is temporary. It will finish at some point. The Soul never finishes, it just continues on its journey.

This really is a Soul Journey.

True freedom is experienced only in this state an awareness. I am only really free when I can lose nothing, and it’s only in the state of soul consciousness that I am above any form of loss.

We, over at, have spent many years reflecting on the idea of freedom, and eventually realised that the only limitations to our own freedom are held within our own minds, and within the collective consciousness of the minds of the whole.

We have also recently launched an initiative called the Freedom Project, which offers suggestions,

support, tips and clues, in the form of video, stills and text, focused on ways to unchain our own potential, and to really experience true freedom in this moment.

If you are interested to get involved, and to be part of the energy that helps push human consciousness over the tipping point of the cliff-edge, so to speak, towards freedom, and a life of liberation, head over and leave a comment.

Let’s see what we can do together…?

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