How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways

How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways

How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways

Relaxing the mind is probably the most important thing we should do every day. But how much energy and attention do we give to this essential daily practice?

Once we understand that all of the stress we experience in life is created, not as it may seem, by the people around us, or the situation in which we find ourselves, but by our own response to these things, we can begin to see the importance of relaxing our minds.

Relaxing our bodies is something that we are both familiar with, and used to doing regularly in everyday life. Most of us realise that if we push our bodies too hard, without relaxing every now and then, something will definitely go wrong!

Even athletes and sports people know, that in order to achieve greatness in their sport, they have to relax their bodies for a certain length of time. The body only responds to training and exercise in the optimum way when this rest is balanced with exercise.

We can also observe a state of relaxation in nature. Nature has a ‘still point’ within its seasons, or cycles. It has times of growth and times of quietness in preparation for the next spurt of activity. The relaxation of nature is, well, natural…

Are we able to relax in the natural way that nature does?

When we look at the mind, we can see that it is a very powerful part of who we are.
The mind is very hard to locate, physically, that is.

Where within your body, would you say your mind is?
Sometimes we can see where our mind is going. Sometimes it goes into the past or sometimes into the future, but we may notice that, rarely does it stay in the present moment.

The mind is non-physical, it is the thinking part of us, but it is not all of who we are. It is a very powerful resource. It is the part of us where our thoughts are created. It is the production centre of our ideas. However, in these modern days, due to our fast pace of life, and the recent explosion of information available to us through the media, the mind is often scattered and fragmented.

So, how do I relax my mind?
Firstly, I need to make friends with my mind.
It may seem quite strange that my mind would not be my friend, but ask yourself this: ‘Am I in control of my thoughts, or are my thoughts pulling me into places that I really don’t want to go?’

This is the acid test.
If the answer is that our mind sometimes seems to play tricks on us, by sending us into unwanted thought patterns of worry, concern or fear, then this is not a true friendship. It is a common occurrence for many people to experience a negative downwards spiral of thinking. Once in this destructive whirlpool of thinking, it can be very hard to come out!

Friends support and help me to achieve only beneficial goals in my life. They don’t disrupt my life, sabotage my efforts to live a good life, or destroy my hopes of a positive future, do they?

Like a naughty child, the mind needs to be disciplined with love and compassion. It needs to be guided onto the right path. It needs to be controlled and focused, and steered in the appropriate direction, thus creating a suitable ‘train of thought’. It is in this ‘train of thought’, that we can travel in the right direction and arrive at the correct destination. The destination of Happiness can then fill our lives, and the lives of others, with joy.

Happiness is one of our original qualities, and, as we now empower the mind, we can reclaim this treasure, which, incidentally, is ours already.

The 10 best ways to help the mind relax:-

1. Dive into the stock of happiness that is buried at the bottom of your ocean of awareness.

2. Examine the reasons why you are not able to relax your mind.

3. Unearth secrets, and implement methods on how to focus your thoughts and bring the mind back to a place of stillness.

4. Re-create your life afresh.

5. Discover ways to reinforce the habit of positive thinking.

6. Re-energize the soul through powerful affirmations that can be practised daily.

7. Become full of a ‘lightness ‘that is attractive to all.

8. Experience your full potential.

9. Understand the bigger picture of life.

10. Help others to find their purpose.

If these ideas sound like they may be useful for you to help improve your quality of life, then you can drop us a line at and we can give you further details of when How to Relax Your Mind – The 10 Best Ways book, will be available.


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