Just A Moment

Just A Moment

Just A Moment

Start the Day Well

Is it a very good morning? If the day begins with my thoughts scattered in many different directions or with anxiety about a situation due to occur later in the day, it will prove difficult to maintain a positive attitude all the time. This is because my first thoughts in the morning set the pattern for the whole day. If I so not use the morning hours to sort out my thoughts when else in the day will I find time to do this … If there are laws of cause and effect and I try to battle with them, it’s as if I am giving them life and strength … create positive, powerful thoughts instead. Instead of thinking “I must not get angry” which is negative, it is better to think “I understand why they behave that way”.

Sorting out my bookshelf this morning, flicking through all the books, searching for insights and techniques that remind me how to be resilient, uplifting, kind, calm. The collection forms a map of my interests over the last two decades. Nice! Lots of meditation books and stories of peoples’ spiritual journeys, each written in their own style; some easy to read, funny, anecdotal, others full of dense paragraphs but rich in accepted wisdom.

I came across one little book which has always been a favourite. It was the first one I read from Brahma Kumaris in the 90s and still holds relevance today. I love the blue cover – jewel shades and simple title. I like the square, smallness of it – easy to fit in a handbag to carry around. The short chapters meant I had time to read something at lunchtimes at work or on the bus. And the price tag of £4 meant everyone I knew got it as a gift at some point.

Just A Moment. That’s the book. It’s a  tiny collection of observations and insights from a radio presenter in Barbados and for me it still serves as a reminder of two huge aspects of living.

First, do I know myself. I mean really know myself. Do I know what I like, what I don’t like. Do I know what I am influenced by?  Am I clear who I am living for? And second, do I understand how the world works? Do I understand the laws of cause and effect? Do I understand what drives my society?  Am I aware of my place in the world? Not from any political agenda, but from a deeper sense of self.

These are big questions, are they not? As we get older, do they begin to mean more?

By reading books like Just A Moment, by going to talks and workshops, by speaking to others and listening to their experiences, and by giving myself time for reflection, I have come a little closer to understanding how to live a clear, peaceful, meaningful and loving life. And, more importantly, how to apply that understanding whilst being in the middle of what sometimes feels like chaos. Letting it all be as it is. Not needing to negate or dismiss any of it.

For this, I am grateful.

But energy goes in cycles. And because, in time, the power of an insight and the ability to apply it fades unless it is practised regularly,  I look forward to my next bookcase sort out!

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