‘’When individuals of any age learn to turn inward and connect with their innate, divine nature and it’s Source, then, regardless of circumstances, they experience and express true peace and happiness. This is why spiritual education is the need of the hour.’’ Dadi Ratan Mohini

Soul Consciousness and Body Consciousness

Soul consciousness is derived from experiencing the self as the soul, having understood its definition. I am a point of incorporeal conscient light. The essential elements of my own self are purity, peace, love, power and bliss to the fullest extent. Recognising that the self is this, practising to be like this, evokes the experience of being just this. Using the mind to envision the self as light, immortal and ultra-subtle enables the self to experience itself.

Body consciousness is the endless whirling of the mind from one thought to another, associated or disconnected thought. You identify yourself as your body, seeing your persona in comparison with others. Perceiving yourself to be greater than or less that the other. Negative emotions fuel your inner landscape yet you use a variety of tactics to avoid feeling your feelings. You find yourself constructing plausible masks, which you refine or replace when their luster dims. You find reasonable justifications for your weak actions.

Your Approach
• Consider yourself to be a soul and focus your mind on the Source, the Supreme Power, the Higher intelligence, God.
• Go within, stay within and savour your inner self. Be with yourself and keep the outside on the outside.
• Sitting in the consciousness of the soul, you gradually become silent. That is, the mind quietens down. Being still means just being …….not doing

Your Effort
Soul Consciousness means to come to terms with all aspects of the self. The effort of soul consciousness is to become neutral in the face of all the good and bad that arise within the soul, and focus on your original eternal condition of purity, peace, power, love and bliss. Soul Consciousness means to become still and melt the effect of negativity, the weight that presses down upon the mind as a dark shadow of ill feelings. Spiritual depletion occurs when the soul has acted against itself repeatedly.

Your Awareness
• In soul consciousness you remember the Supreme. You view your priorities and interactions with others through the lens of the awareness of God.
• Your mind’s eye does not rush to people, places and things, assignments, failures or successes. Your inner eye sees the soul in front of me.
• Your soul is a light and empowered. You are aware.
• Soul Consciousness makes your intuition sharp and accurate. The right things happen fortuitously with the right people. Everything has meaning and signals your forward movement. It verifies your steps.

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  1. Grant Becker on 16th November 2018 at 5:26 am

    Thank you so much! Ive been confused for awhile but your article helped a lot.. It seems like every time it feels so right, i get confused , like i cant stay in my body or my perspective changes and i feel like im looking into myself from outside my eyes. I guess i feel like its almost not real, that something this perfect could be my own, and dont know for sure if it is all my own or if i should give it all away….share it with the world… ..?

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