‘Getting ready for Summer’

‘Getting ready for Summer’

‘Getting ready for Summer’

‘Summertime, and the living is easy”, famous words, from a famous song written by George Gershwin back in 1934 (bit before my time), but would you say that this is true?

I love the summer.

The feel of a warm wind (chinook) against the skin, being able to wear light-weight clothing, and those long, long days. Sometimes in the UK it stays light till 10pm at night, but I suppose that’s nothing compared to Iceland, which, actually I visited a few years ago, and it really was light all day and all night (Yes, it was like dusk for 2 or 3 hours, but not definitely dark!). But then again, that was summertime, and during winter they have to put up with 6 months of darkness, so I guess it’s fair enough. There is always a payback somewhere, isn’t there?

That’s the balance of the duality at this time… High times are often followed by low times, and I can say that from experience.

There is always a rebalancing or a counteraction, a swing of the pendulum from one side to the other, in everything we see going on around us. It’s the energy of the cosmic breath, in and out, the karmic re-organising of matters, like a re-ordering of some kind. You could say it’s the balancing of the universal books, so to speak.

Do you think that there could have ever been a time when it was always ‘summer-like’?

Could there perhaps have been a time when the world was in balance, not too hot, not too cold, just like the feeling at the beginning of summertime? Not like the end of summer when everything is a little dry and wilting, but when everything is in bloom, and full, and lush, a time when there seems to be harmony and completeness.

There are many ancient texts and accounts of a world of paradise, when conditions were summer-like, and that match up with Gershwin’s  lyrics, ‘when the living is easy’. Maybe this is a faint, distant memory of a time long, long ago when there was balance and prosperity, a time of abundance and happiness, where all lived together in unity and harmony, when all were contented? My feeling is that we are due for a time like that to come again soon. If fact, it feels overdue! Do you think we deserve to experience constant summer, cadence and natural order?

To deserve a perfect world of beauty and fullness, we have to become both beautiful and full. We will need to let go of anger and greed, and begin to treat the world with respect, and also treat each other with that same respect. We will need to express love rather than hate, and to give rather than take.

In fact, why don’t we just start to do that right now?

Then maybe we can begin to create a world resembling a state of perfect summer now.

It’s in our thoughts that the creation process starts.

Yes, we see it as a reflection around us in our scenery, and within each scene, but its inception is at the level of pure thought, and then it naturally comes into existence with time as we give it positive energy.

We are the ones who are shaping our environment, we are the ones who are responsible for designing our surroundings, so , what is it that we wish to design?

Are we really getting ready for this kind of Summer?

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