The Creative Process

The Creative Process

Creative energy is an amazing thing.

It’s as if it is not here on this plane of existence at all, but that it just arrives in a moment of requisite. As if it is sent from up above, or that it is just drifting through the air like an invisible thought-form or abstract concept, until it is harnessed, or earthed, by an individual who is in tune with its frequency, its wave form, its properties and make up.

Creativity comes in all formats:

Sound, light, image, ideas, potentials; it is transparent, yet multi-coloured. It is both silent and loud; it is unmistakable and apparent to the receiver as it floats, wafting amongst the souls of Earth as they balance in their bodies of flesh and bone.

When it’s not there the artist is frustrated, but it just can’t be forced, it can’t be pushed. It may appear and manifest instantaneously in a flash, or sometimes grow slowly like an Oak tree. It is always well received and greeted with delight and the utmost respect, before residing in the company of the grateful. It is the friend of the designer and the companion of the benevolent. It is in the eye of the beholder. It is beauty.

As a young man in my 20s I finally tasted the flavour of creativity for the first time as I began to perform and mix music in Dance Clubs as a DJ. I felt the wonder, power, excitement and influence of it. Until that time, creativity was a mystery to me, it eluded me or would just avoid me with a wide berth.  I was a poor artist and was unable to sing or play any musical instrument, apart from a brief try at the recorder in Junior School, which realistically just sounded like a squealing, injured stream train, or a door hinge that needed a good squirt of WD40 oil! Or the Busses air- breaks just before its 100,000 mile service.

Today, I would like to share my ‘Creative Process’ experience, of the conception of my book, ‘Soul Journey of a Yogi Bus Driver’, which, nearly blew my head off as it came into being! It was a totally new experience and I always liken it to giving birth to a child, not that I have given birth to a child, well, not in this lifetime anyway. Although, I was present at the birth of my daughter, and that, my friend, was surreal and other worldly to put it lightly! It was like being in another dimension, a dimension outside of time, and adjacent to our regular understanding of reality. Birthing is like landing into creation, on the next leg of one’s journey, and witnessing that is truly humbling.

I should say at this point that I was energized to share the gift of spiritual knowledge and meditation, which was given to me at a time when I most needed it, in order to reform my character and take back my dignity after a slightly wobbly decade of hedonism and addictive behaviour as the night club Disc Jockey as I mentioned before. After reading a book which you may have heard of called, ’Chicken Soup for the Soul’ by Jack Canford, (not a very vegetarian title, I know, but nevertheless, inspiring) and after having been teaching Raja Yoga Meditation for a couple of year, I wanted to reach out to a bigger audience and pass on some life skills and universal laws I had come to know.

I was also just coming out of a very lean financial period in my life, and didn’t have a laptop, so I began to write with a pen (very old fashioned I know) and any scrap of paper I could find. Bus timetables from work, vehicle defect forms, annual leave request sheets etc. Anything I could get my hands on. The words just started to flow. First to arrive in my mind was the entire structure of the whole project, from chapter titles to concepts, ideas, examples, analogies, metaphors, stories, life adventures to marketing, audience, translations and distribution, all of which I knew nothing!

I would pick up the pen, and the words flooded out without any thoughts or breaks or stops or blocks until a particular topic was covered (it was as if it was automatic). Then on to the next topic, and the next one as the ink emptied out of the ball point, onto the page in the shape of sentences and paragraphs. This continued for 7 weeks, and began whilst sitting on the bus during one of my breaks. It went through my days off, and with me to India, as I visited the holy land for a dose of spirituality and wonder. By the time I came back to the UK, it was done, and at no point did I have to ‘think’. It was as if I was not doing it, but that I was the filter through which it was arriving. My life was merely the canvas on which the book was painted.

It took another 6 months to shape the words into a structure that resembled a book, and to become refined from the raw downloads that arrived via Divine inspiration, or something….Creativity in its rawest form, and trust me, it was raw, and down to earth, maybe a bit too gritty, unrefined, and lava-like, ‘molten-rock’ creativity.

A further 6 months was required for chipping away the rough edges, smoothing down the contours and crafting the material into a sculptured piece of work. Then more polishing and shining with a little help from my friends, and hey presto, it was ready to go.

That was just the beginning. Editing, formatting, publishing, printing, distribution and influencing came next, and continues to do so.

Creation, and that’s just of a book, imagine what it took to create the world we live in today, or maybe it wasn’t created…? Intrigued, well, there’s more about that within the pages of the book. Pick up a copy and let me know what you think…J

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