The Royal Princess

The Royal Princess

 ‘It’s a Girl…’ – The Yogi Bus Driver

Last week was a special week. A ray of light shone into the world.

It hailed the arrival of a new Princess. That’s right folks, a real Princess. Not a film about a princess or a princess West End stage-show, but a real life Crowned-Princess.

It is almost 65 years since the birth of the last Royal Princess (Princess Anne in 1950), and this birth marks the beginning of girl-power within the Royal Family. This new princess will have new rights allowing her to hold her place in line to the throne, and not be leapfrogged by any younger male sibling. This is a brand new ruling by The Queen herself

Weighing in at 8lbs and 3ozs in old money, that’s about 3.7kg if I’m not very much mistaken, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge is forth in line to the throne. She has the potential of being the most wealthy woman in the world, i.e. The Queen of England, and it is said that by the age of 10, she will be worth a billion pounds.

Can you imagine coming onto a stage and playing the role of a princess of England?

Yes, there will be the splendour, the privilege, the wealth, the honour and the royalty, but what about the duty, responsibility, engagements, tours, openings, and appearances, not to mention all that waving, and smiling and a bit of hand shaking and all the red carpets, private yachts, and first class travel? It really is quite a job.

Something that I could never quite understand or come to terms with when I was a kid was this, ‘ Who said that they could be royal anyway?’

I never quite got it how the first king and queen came to be, well, king and queen?

Did someone suggest that they try it out to see if they were any good at it?

Or if they like it?

Did they just appoint themselves as ‘Self Proclaimed’ king and queen!?

Now, with age, and a little bit of maturity and wisdom, I realise that whatever comes to us in this lifetime, is something that we have created before we got here.

Sound strange?

Well, consider this.

Every action I perform is an energy of creation. These actions are seeds that I plant, and once ripe, they give a return, the fruit, you could say.

If the return is good, then it means that I planted good seeds in the past. The past means before, and maybe this ‘before’ is a ‘before’ this lifetime’s experience. The seeds may have been planted consciously, or they may well have been planted sub-consciously. But, they were definitely planted. It is even possible that they were planted unconsciously.

I know it’s hard to grasp, but think about it logically, nothing comes into being without a cause, that is, except God of course! The ‘affect’, is the result of the initial action, the ‘cause’, and actions manifest into being over time.

So it would seem that our new Princess Charlotte has done something good in the past, so is now enjoying the rewards, or fruits of those things, and will continue to do so in the future, or not, as the case may be. It is all perfect and accurate, and all is well, and good, and all is fine and dandy.

The baby princess, of course, will not have a clue about what awaits her. But she will grow up to be the most famous princess in the world. This is perhaps the dream of many little girls at one point in their lives, but, for Princess Charlotte, it is reality…

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