Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake

My heart goes out to the Nepalese people and all others affected by last month’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake which killed over 8000 people and injured nearly 20,000 more.

At its epicentre in the Gorkha District, villages were levelled, communities destroyed and families were left in pieces. This truly was a disaster on a massive scale. Its affects and aftershocks were felt from China to Pakistan, through India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and to Bhutan

The world responded quickly on this occasion. Twitter tweets went out almost immediately, with news agencies following shortly after. It was encouraging to see the speed at which aid and support from many countries around the world was given. This ranged from tents to blankets, dried food, water, medical supplies and hygiene kits, to teams of medics, disaster councillors, rescuers and volunteers, but  bad weather and red-tape slowed down the distribution. This terrible event truly touched the hearts and lives of many souls.


On a less physical level, prayers, positive thoughts and peaceful vibrations have been directed towards Nepal on a global scale. We often forget the power of meditation at these desperate times, and just concentrate on actions to help those in need.  However, it’s this power of meditation that soothes the minds of all those involved. This includes the victims and survivors, as well as the rescue workers and doctors, soldiers and government officials dealing with the calamity.

On an even more subtle level, the confused and distressed souls that suddenly left their bodies behind in this incident are gently guided by these powerful vibrations of meditation. They are subtly shown the destination of their next experience to come. The atmosphere, surroundings and situations in the local areas to the quake are affected by these vibrations in a positive way, and the Earth itself begins to be healed.

Back at that physical level, it was explained that the Earthquake was caused by the ‘frontal thrust’ of the tectonic plates in the area of the Himalayas. These plates are moving, and so create energy as they collide with each other, which is then released at a certain point due to ‘slip’. This slip is the reason for the huge movements that take place. Actually, when the quake happened, Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal moved 3 metres in a southerly direction in just 30 seconds. This is the effect of the massive amounts of energy being released, and is what caused the earth to shake, and all the destruction that followed.

Scientific evidence has showed how these events are predicted to happen every 700 years, so the people of Nepal did know that it would happen at some stage, but they did not know exactly when. It is amazing how humans can live with this knowledge, and still go about their daily business. We are a resilient lot aren’t we?

Finally, and back to the more spiritual and subtler layer, we see that the world around us is a reflection of our thoughts and actions, and with this in mind, we create our world. Then when nature sends us a reminder about the way we are treating the Earth on a global level we forget this, and think that we are not the cause. The Earth’s responses are directly connected to our behaviour, in fact they are triggered by our behaviour, and until we understand this and change our attitude, and, as a species, begin to take responsibility and start to care for our home, we will have to face dire consequences.

Let’s hope we get the message soon…


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